Fetch images from Twitter by hashtag.

Unleash the power of real-time pictures

Create a real-time stream of images tweeted with a specific hashtag. At the same time, remain in full control which images get included. This supervised image stream is embeddable anywhere.

Showing pictures is the fastest, most emotional way to tell a story. And Twitter is the fastest and easiest tool to publish pictures – for everyone out there. Utilize the best images from this powerful combination to cover the entire story. And to strengthen the emotional impact of your brand, event, campaign or organization.

How it works

Best practices

  • Sports. For clubs, teams, leagues and the playoffs.
  • News. For regions, cities, historical moments and current affairs.
  • Corporate. For brands, campaigns, markets and milestones.
  • Events. For conferences, trade shows and conventions.
  • Brands. For retail shops, quizzes and campaigns.

Actually you can use Gricker in the way, that makes most sense for your needs. Anything that can be triggered by a Twitter hashtag can be utilized as an image stream. Typically it’s the hashtag you and/or others already use for your brand, organization, campaign, team, league, trade show or event. Or whatever.

Getting started

Create your Gricker Stream now

Setting-up your Gricker Stream is free of charge . Later on, you only pay for embedding your Gricker Stream somewhere. As long as you need it there. To find out more on pricing, check out the pricing plans for embedding. Please note: As of now, the Gricker service is limited to commercial customers (non-household).

Sign-up now

Sign-up via Twitter Authentication.

Set-up is free of charge. You only pay once you decide to embed your Gricker Stream somewhere.